Thursday, May 28, 2015

McTeacher Night At McDonalds 5/27

Ms. Anderson  
Fremont had a fun showing at the PTA sponsored  McTeacher night at McDonald's last night. Lots of staff to help out, students eating and even the Falcons showed up!
Ms. Castro
Dr. Guerrero & Mr. Harvey
Mr. Brisbine ,the Falcons & PTA President - Mrs.Whalen
Ms. Anderson, Ms.Ultreras, Ms. Semien and the Falcon
Mr. Reveles & Ms. Zimmermann
Ms. Rock ordering her meal.
Ms. Nash
Ms. Estes & Ms. Medina
Ms. Annabel & Mr. Brisbine
Ms. Annabel & Ms. Nolan
 Ms. McIntyre & Ms. Rowe
Ms. Alferes
Ms. Whitt

Cleaning up with Ms. MacIntyre & Mr. Reveles
Ms. Beardsley

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