Thursday, May 7, 2015

MESA Regional Finals - Our Champions!!!!

The Fremont MESA Club attended the Regional Finals which were held at the University of California at Santa Barbara on April 21, 2015

Science Division
Speak Up (6th grade)          
2nd Place:   Alexandra Camarga
Engineering Division
Robot Challenge
 3rd Place:  David Pulido  Edgar Lopez,  Issac Navarro,  Jason Salas
Math Division
 Solo General Math (6th-7th grade)
 2nd Place:  Raymond Tran           
 Solo Algebra 1
 2nd Place:  Carl Cuyos
 3rd Place: Christian Salameh
 Solo Geometry (8th grade Adv)
 2nd Place:   Kyle Miranda
Team Math Category 1 (6th-7th grade)
2nd Place:   Vanden Harris, Joshua Atwell, Gabriel Ramsey

Mr. Milton and a few of the  Fremont Winners!!

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