Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Falcons Flying High with Ojai Raptors

 The Ojai Raptor Society paid  Ms. Sweet's (8th) and Ms. Fedele's (6th) classes a visit today. Both classes read the book Hoot by Carl Hiassen as part of their Project Based Learning activities. Ms. Sweet's class learned about  Endangered Species, picked a local species and then presented  their findings during a Gallery Walk that was open to the school last week (see other post). Ms. Fedele's class made a portfolio on their research of endangered animals and made a 30 second ad (on the iPad or on poster) using propaganda to support their animal. They will be dissecting  and labeling owl pellets as the culminating activity with Ms. Todd. The  presenters Rio and Natalie from Ojai Raptors have what they called a Trust Account with the birds, so they sat very nicely on their arms. They  introduced the classes to the following birds:

Newton - a Great Horned Owl

Gavin- a Peregrine Falcon
Rosie- a Red-Tailed Hawk

Micky - a Mississippi Kite

Pixie- a Pygmy Owl

Spooky - a Bard Owl

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