Friday, May 13, 2016

Fremont Parent Night April '16

We recently held the very first Fremont Parent Night  where the community was invited to see all the great things happening here at Fremont. Lots of teachers  showed off all they do with the students.  After a Welcoming  by the Principal Brisbine and  AP Ms. Ultreras the guest were off to visit classrooms all over campus. Our WEB Leaders  acted as Guides for the evening. They were treated to :

  •  Reader's theater - Ms. Nolan's class
  •  See photosynthesis working and how to make smoke - Mr. Brown
  •  Activities  in the FALCON Center with  Ms. Garcia-Clark, Ms. Rodriguez & Ms. Ultrera
  •  Egyptian hieroglyphics and biological classification artwork - Ms. McIntyre 
  •  Visit our garden - Mr. Koch
  •  ASB activities and heroes- Mr. Reveles
  •  Reach for the stars with AVID -Ms. Castro
  •  Gliders and gumdrop dome village - Mr. Milton's 
  •  Egyptian tombs and artwork- Ms. Hoskins
  •  Aqueducts and pyramid creations - Mr. Miller
  •  Thoughtful reflective poetry and scary horror stories  - Mr. Smithson
  •  Student created science project and science notebooks on cells - Ms. Brown 
  •  Math at work - Mr. Perfino
  •  Studies of Greek and Indian cultures by creation of an Indian ABC book  - Ms. Madrid
  •  Student work on the Socual Studies and Language Arts walls -Ms. Wagstaff
  •  Preparing for the Math  Wax Museum - Ms. Rowe
  •  Model creations that tell stories- Ms. Estes
  •  Art creations - Ms. Beardsley
  •  The study op Rachel Carson author of  Silent Spring  - Ms. Taylor 
  •  Wind turbines and energy use- Mr. Shiffman 

WEB Leaders : V. Munoz, N. Gutierrez, M. Sanchez, J, Atwell,  & V. Jime
    Mr. Brisbine & Ms., Ultreras

Ms. Estes and student model

Ms. Nolan
Readers theater- Ms. Nolan's class  
 AVID  wall
Ms. Hoskins & Egyptian Art
Mr. Shiffman
Mr. Perfino
Ms. Castro & WEB leaders
Ms. Hoskins
Mr. Smithson
Ms. Wagstaff

Mr. Koch & Mr. Brisbine showing off the garden

Ms. Madrid
Mr. Reveles

Mr. Brown 

Ms. McIntyre 
 Classification - Ms. McIntyre

Ms. Garcia-Clark- Falcon Center
Ms. Rodriguez & Ms. Ultreras- Falcon Center

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