Thursday, November 6, 2014

Channel Islands Field Trip to Scorpion Bay - 7th & 8th grade

Link to Channel Islands National Park Website

Everyone had a very enjoyable and exciting trip!  The day was gorgeous and during the boat trip we came across 2 sets of Fin whales - mothers and babies, 3 Humpback whales, and dolphins in the wake of the boat. Once on Santa Cruz Island, the students became part of a very select group of people to visit the island. They learned about the island's fragile environment and 13,000 year history. The group enjoyed a  hike where they viewed the wildlife, including the Island Fox and learned about the island's plants, animals and  the inhabitants: the Chumash Indians. Some students got to paint themselves with diatomaceous earth, as the Indians once did. A favorite activity was chilling out and listening to the environment, while enjoying the solitude of the island. A wonderful day had by all!

Humpback Whales

 Chumash Paint!

Quiet time....

Mr. Davey!

Fin Whales

                                        Happy Teachers! 

Island Fox

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