Monday, November 17, 2014

November 17, 2014 Hour of Code @ Fremont Nov 17, 2014

Hour of Code :

     Inspiring students to try coding

At Fremont Middle School we spent every Science
and Math class on Nov. 17 learning How to Code. Students can then join the National Coding Event the week of 
Dec. 8-14, 2014. 

                       Join the Hour of Code  December 8 - 14, 2014                 

What is it? 

Hour of Code is a web site students can go on to do activities that introduce them to the beginning building blocks of writing code that is used to write computer programs.  The objective is to open this door for children who may have never thought this could be a reality for them.  We especially hope to get the girls involved, as this is a field that does not have a strong female presence.  We are bringing foundational 21st century skills to our students. 

 Some students even got  to complete several coding activities!

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