Thursday, March 12, 2015

Falcons at MESA Day at UCSB 3/7/15


 We had 57 Fremont students competed in MESA day at UCSB this past Saturday against 7 middle schools. Fremont students were competitive in every category there.

Fremont Mesa Program Winners

National Engineering Challenge (Prosthetic Arm)

1st place - Isbell middle school

2nd place - Fremont middle school - Steven Beckley, Isaac Lara, Tony Vasquez. 
3rd place - Frank Middle School. 
Science Competitions
Model Science
            1st        Laila Harris, Jahzara Richardson
            2nd       Adeline Smith, Cameron De La Huerta
Speak Out (6th grade)
            1st.       Alexandra Camarga  

Engineering Competitions
Bridge Building
            3rd       Tess Holbert, Ashley Halit
Egg Drop
            2nd       Reem Hanoun, Riva Hanoun
Robotic Challenge   
            2nd              David Pulido, Jason Salas, Isaac Navarro , Edgar Lopez
3rd       Kyle Miranda, Fernando Godoy, Alex Cordova, Robert McShirly
Mousetrap Car (7th-8th)*
            3rd       Joshua Atwell, Gabriel Ramsey

Mathematics Competitions
Team Math Category 1 (6th-7th grade)
            1st        Vanden Harris, Gabriel Ramsey, Joshua Atwell
            2nd       Jessica Cortes, Cassandra Aguirre, Gisselle Jasso
Team Math Category 2 (8th grade)
            2nd       Alexi Meyer, Adeline Smith, Celine Amparo
Solo Math Category 1 (6th-7th grade)
            3rd       Melissa Mauricio
Solo Math Category 2 (8th grade)
            1st        Christian Salameh
            2nd       Carl Cuyos

*  Mousetrap car 3rd place winners do not compete at regional finals.

In all, Fremont has 28 medal winners proceeding
to Regional Finals April 18.

 University of California, Santa Barbara, CA 
Fremont Falcon MESA Club 

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