Friday, March 6, 2015

The Supreme Court Mock Trials- Debating Constitutional Issues

8th grade U.S. Government and the Constitution-

Mr. Crowell's 8th grade Social Studies classes recently held  a

 Supreme Court Mock trial.

Parents,Staff and students were invited to observe and see our 8th graders doing a wonderful and thoughtful interpretation of all of the different aspects of the actual court cases. Mr. Crowell presided over all as the Chief Justice. All the cases were historic and established some sort of Constitutional Precedence.

Monday February 23 and Tuesday Feb 24:  Case was New Jersey V. TLO, Constitutional Issue was 4th Amendment, student search and seizure at school.

Wed Feb 25 and Thur Feb 26:  Case was Hazelwood v. Kuhlmeier:  Constitutional Issues was 1st Amendment, Freedom of Press at school.

Monday March 2 and Tuesday Mar 3:  Case was Wallace v. Jaffree:  Constitutional Issue was 1st Amendment Freedom of Religion/Prayer in school

Wed Mar 4 and Thur Mar 5:  Case was Gregg v. Georgia:  Constitutional issue was 8th amendment and the death penalty

It was very engaging to watch and the students should be commended on doing such a                 Top-Notch job!!!

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